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Breton 2017 Tunebook. Notation - PDF from Jim Oakden
Breton 2016 Tunebook. Notation - PDF from Jim Oakden
Breton 2014 Tunebook. Notation - PDF from Jim Oakden
Breton 2013 Tunebook. Notation - PDF from Jim Oakden
Andro in D Notation - PDF from John Skelton
Mazurka Bretania Notation - PDF from John Skelton

Quick overview of recorded breton music by Jim Oakden. Go to Wikipedia if you want a more complete review. Youtube has a massive amount of both tunes and dances. There is also an interesting 4-part history of breton music. Go wild...

There isn't much fiddle stuff...
Here's a url for an interview with Christian LeMaitre, arguably the best Breton fiddler.

The early Kornog recordings have some fiddle tracks, but it is hard to find other good recordings. Shira Kammen is the best breton fiddler in this country. She has breton tracks scattered on some of her CDs, on some of which I play guitar.

If you just want an overview of the different types of breton music, one of the compilation CDs is good. These are generally easy to find:
Fest Noz
Fest Vraz-Musiques Bretonnes (2 Discs)
Le Grand Fest-Noz

The most well-known bombard/biniou pair is Baron & Anneix. I've taught some tunes from their Dansal E Breiz CD. I've been told that this music is an acquired taste, but I've acquired it...

My favorite modern band is Carre Manchot--cool arrangements and great rhythm. They have a fine flute player (Yannick Alory), and have fiddles in some of their lineups. Awesome.

Youtube has a bunch of Bagad clips (breton-style Scottish pipe bands with bombards). Bagad Kemper is probably the best, but they've turned into a circus.

Jean-Michel Veillon is the most well-know Breton flute player. I taught something off his E Koad Nizan CD. Our own John Skelton is the best over here.

I mentioned bombard and church organ. Amazing sound. John Skelton has a beautiful cut on his solo CD "One at a time".

Here's a nice cut:

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