A Midnight Delight

Pachelbel Canon and Gigue
With Interspersed Songs

Conducted, Arranged by Master Of Ceremonies
Shira Kammen

Message from the conductor:

This musical happening is for ALL voices and ALL instruments.


All instruments welcome.

The Rehearsal Tuesday 7:30pm Camp 1 Dance Hall is strongly encouraged.

The links to the music are posted here.

Larkelbel One Voice With Songs - Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass
Gigue - Full Score
Larkelbel one voice with songs - Full Score


Magnificent & Stellar Lark Arrangement in Progress - No one will be required to play the repeating pattern more than 4 times! Chorus will be included.

No one will have to play the ground (the repeating pattern) more than 4 times in the entire piece.

Included chorus in the Pachelbel, with some interspersed songs that use the same chord progression.

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