Kalia Kliban

Kalia is well-known for her patient and supportive teaching style, as well as her inexhaustible humor. Kalia will be teaching a variation of the Helmsley longsword dance that was developed by a group called the High Spen Blue Diamonds and then further altered by her. This is a class where people will need to commit to being there every day (mostly), since they'll be dancing in fixed sets and more-or-less fixed positions. I'll break the class into 2 half-week portions, so each group will get a solid chunk of the dance and folks who are there the full week get the full dance.

The other class will be beginning English waltz clog. Kalia will bring some clogs for people to try, but if they have hard-soled shoes (smooth leather or hard plastic soles, or dance clogs) of their own, they may want to bring them.

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