Lark Camp Terms

Lark Camp Terms

The 50% deposits are not refundable for any reason. Balance due must be POSTMARKED or fully paid by June 22 or your deposit is forfeit. Any moneys paid in to Lark for food or the balance of camp fees are nonrefundable after June 22. No exceptions.

If you have made a deposit to camp and cannot come you may be able sell your deposit to someone else at the sole discretion of Lark (example: if you are in an all women's cabin and you want to sell your deposit to a man you will not be able to make this transaction, etc.). The deadline for reservation transfers is July 20. We cannot give out names from the Lark waiting list. You cannot sell the deposit to someone already signed up on a camp crew. It cannot be applied to make up the balance on another deposit. Once you have cancelled your reservation your deposit is forfeit and non transferable. Deposits cannot carry over to the following year. If Lark Camp sells out, we will offer a moderated web page for those of you wishing to sell your registration. If we open the moderated web page it will close on June 22.

DISCOUNT PRICE: Payments by personal check, bank check or money order.

FULL PRICE: Payments using your PayPal account or your credit card through PayPal.

If you make a payment at the "Full Price" rate you will not be able to change to the "Discount Price" rate later even if you make further payments by a different method. If you make a payment now at the "Discount Price" rate you must make any further payments by personal check, bank check or money order or your rate will be changed to the "Full Price" rate.

No white gas or propane stoves, lanterns, candles, etc. are allowed. No cooking in the cabins. Break the fire rules--$250 fine and out you go, no refund.

ALL vehicles and trailers at camp are required to have a parking pass. If you have a car and a trailer you will need 2 parking passes.

If you are not sure that you will bring a vehicle to camp, you can pre-purchase a parking pass by June 22 or purchase one on your way into camp at a higher price (cash or check only).

If you pre-purchase a parking pass and then do not bring a vehicle, contact us after camp for a refund.

If you are signing up for vehicle camping at Lark Camp you need to call if your vehicle is over 20' long for space availability and surcharge information. All trailers at camp must be preapproved.

Subject to change without notice.

All minors (anyone under 18 years of age) must attend Lark Camp with a parent or guardian. Guardians must be at least 21 years of age. There is special paperwork required for a minor to attend with a guardian rather than a parent or legal guardian. Guardians will receive forms that must be filled out by the parent, guardian and minor, and returned to Lark Camp by July 1, or the minor's registration will be canceled with no refund. Go here for complete information.

You may bring alcoholic beverages for your own consumption if you are 21 or over. Illegal drugs are not permitted at camp. We do not tolerate harassment at camp, including: Physical and/or sexual harassment and/or assault, inappropriate physical contact, abusive and/or derogatory verbal comments, deliberate intimidation, discriminatory actions, stalking, following, unwelcome photography or recording, persistent, unwelcome sexual attention. If a participant engages in unacceptable behavior the directors may take any action they deem appropriate, including immediate expulsion from the event without warning or refund.

We have been asked a number of times about Lark Camp and California State Parks policy on cannabis. Cannabis is legal in California. It is not legal in the state of California or California State Parks to use cannabis in any form in public. Legal cannabis may be consumed only by flame free vaping or edibles, in private lodging spaces. Smoking cannabis (anything with a flame or ember) is not allowed anywhere in the Woodlands. It is illegal for anyone under 21 to use or possess cannabis.

In the unlikely event that a medical air evacuation is needed Tent Area A, the meadow in Camp One, is the designated emergency helicopter landing area at the Mendocino Woodlands. Only tents with lightweight frames will be allowed in Area A. No metal popup canopies or metal frame tents or structures will be allowed. If Lark Camp is notified to clear the meadow for emergency helicopter landing, all available campers will pull all the tents and contents within 15 minutes to the side of the meadow. After the air evacuation is complete, the tent owner sets their own tent back up. By camping in Area A you accept the risk of possible damage to your property in the event of an emergency, and will not hold Lark Camp or the Mendocino Woodlands Camp Association or Emergency Responders or good Samaritans responsible.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

To attend Lark Camp all campers must sign a Accident Waiver And Release Of Liability on arrival at camp.

See the Lark Camp Website for more information about Lark Camp.

All prices of taxable items include sales tax reimbursement computed to the nearest mill

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