Take A Dance

English Country Dance Orchestra

Take A Dance English Country Dance Orchestra plays early
English dance music for the Mendocino English Country Dances

Orchestra members include:
Willis Jenks - Fiddle
Elizabeth Zekley - Keyboard, Soprano Recorder, Dance Calling
Yemaya Gray - Clarinet
Meghan Miller - Clarinet
Andie Shafir - Piano
Lee Finerty - Mandolin
Corwin Zekley - Fiddle
Frances Jenks - Piano
Myra Joy Chaney - Cello
Paula Hale - Recorder
Alesea Messal - Flute
Linda O'Laughlin - Mandolin
Ron Shea - Mandolin
Tim O'Laughlin - Fiddle
Robert Crawford - Octave Mandolin
Wade Gray - Bass
Butch Kwan - Fiddle
Mickie Zekley - Concert Flute, Alto Flute, English Horn, Mandolin

For booking call Mickie Zekley for more information (707) 964-4826
or email takeadance@larkcamp.com

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