Videos From Lark Camp

A Selection Of YouTube Videos From Lark Campers That Show A Few Of The Many Aspects Of Lark Camp

Music camp in the beautiful Mendocino Woodlands of California, where over 700 people come together to play and study music and dance styles from all over the world.

Performance at Lark Camp of the Bandidos Californios, including Brass, Woodwinds and Marimba.

"Holei" a Hawaiian song with Kevin Brown and Kalae Miles

An Irish music session at Lark Camp. Kevin Carr (fiddle), Steve Forman (bodhran), Conor O'Bryan (flute), Dawn McConnell (fiddle), Richard Mandel (guitar), Bob Laughton (harmonica), Mickie Zekley (flute), John Skelton (flute), Erin Shrader (fiddle), Marla Fibish (mandolin)

The Old Man Of Mendocino - Betty Boop - Lark Camp 2009 Silent Movie - Wayne Hankin - The Lark Camp Silent Movie Orchestra, Jimmy Durante, Music Director (Wayne Hankin)

Parody of Lark Camp sung to the tune of The Grey Funnel Line. Performed by: Jeremy Friedenthal with Sharon Carl, Lyrics: Jeremy Friedenthal and Sarinda Newell, Tune: Grey Funnel Line, Lark Camp Talent Show


Frim Fram

Tuxedo Junction at Lark Camp

Sami Shumays teaching a Maquam at Lark Camp.

Lark Camp is a wonderful place. It's certainly one of the few places where you can teach everyone the chorus of a song and get the chorus sung back at you in four part harmony.

At Lark Music Camp, we took a bus to get from Camp 1 to Camp 2 to Camp 3. The bus became affectionately known as Camp 4 because music happened there too. This is just a small sample.

Betty Boop - Musical Mountaineers Show One with the behind the scenes footage.

Old Time Jam at Camp 2 Pavilion - Judy Stavely, Karen Heil, Erik Hoffman, Kurt Hippen.

Lark Camp Taiko class performing Korekara in Camp One 2009.

Leav'er Larkey Chanty - Jonathan Pazer and Lark Camp Chanty Singers - This is a Sea Chanty that Jonathan wrote two summers ago at Lark Camp.

Dave Cory & Theo Paige in a Lark Camp session.

Los Gaiteiros Californios Bandidos, y LarkBandemonium and Marimbas play Sansonette for the general amusement and a modicum of ecstasy at Lark Camp.

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